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 Admin app

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PostSubject: Admin app   Sun Aug 08, 2010 10:14 pm

SteamAccount Name:noobman200
Steam ID: "-(TCGA)- FusioN^" STEAM_0:1:10896070 00:27 223 0 active
InGame Name: FusioN^
Age: 42
Do you have any experience as admin (/with Mani Admin Plugin)?: I used to be owner on a deathrun and i been admin on a jailbreak server,scrim server.I have mademeny
Eventscripts on servers

Can you pay by paypal?:no

Extra: ive been playing on the server for some time now i love it and i want to help develope it and make it a better place to play, im english + i have 21 years expearence, i have a microphone

What admin do you want to become?: full but i dont mind if i get eny admin because i just want to make the server a better place!
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PostSubject: Re: Admin app   Tue Aug 10, 2010 1:52 am

thankyou for applying, if you do wish to get admin you will need to donate (this is to pay for the servers monthly hosting)
for now all we have for you to donate by is paypal as you do not have this you many join the "clan" but i am sorry to say you can not become a admin

but anyways, thankyou for joining
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Admin app
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